O'Reilly's Cure Restaurant & Bar

Food, Drink & Social Remedy


Mission Statement

“Scarborough needs a good restaurant and bar around Oak Hill”

That is the comment every Scarborough resident makes when the topic of dining in the area surfaces. The former director of the Scarborough Economic Development Corporation often said that he would be remembered for two things, bringing Cabela's to Scarborough and NOT bringing a great family restaurant to town. He and many others believe that there is a dire need in the Town of Scarborough for a quality neighborhood restaurant and bar. Indeed, the growing suburban community of twenty thousand residents has plenty of fast food and pizza restaurants, but very little in the area of casual dining. O'Reilly’s CURE Restaurant & Bar will fill the void right in the heart of town. Our objectives are to create a welcoming pub style atmosphere with great food and drink served using excellent customer service.

O'Reilly's CURE Restaurant & Bar is 4,200 sq. ft. with an outdoor seasonal patio adding an additional 700 sq. ft. We will have a mix of indoor seating consisting of lounge, bar, high top and dining totaling around 110 seats. The decor will be rustic-modern with industrial elements, warm colors and accented with wood, stone and metal. Exposed 15 foot ceilings and full wall sized windows will create a spacious look with lots of natural light. TV’s will be placed in the bar area for viewing sports and current events. A  gas fireplace with comfy couches will offer a cozy place for drinks and light fare. Our outdoor patio will seat an additional 35 and have a gas fire pit as the focal point.  People driving by in the evenings will find the dancing light enticing and will drop in to join the festivities.

O'Reilly's CURE Restaurant & Bar is a full service restaurant serving lunch and dinner seven days a week. The menu will offer an eclectic American with traditional Irish favorites. The restaurant will be a full service bar, featuring Guinness, with many import, domestic and craft beers on tap and in bottles. We will also feature a variety of liquors, house specialty drinks and a fine wine selection by the glass or bottle.


Company Ownership


O'Reilly's CURE Restaurant & Bar is owned and operated by Patrick & Sue O’Reilly, a couple that has worked together successfully for 17 years out of their 23 plus years of marriage.  They will continue to work closely to ensure that this business venture is a success.  O’Reilly’s CURE has come to fruition after years of thought, research and planning by Patrick and Sue O'Reilly.

The couple operated a successful lodging establishment in Scarborough, for many years and between them they have over forty years of experience in lodging, retail, restaurant, and sales. Patrick has been a tax accountant at a regional firm for eighteen years, while Sue's primary occupation over that time was as an innkeeper and restaurant employee.  Patrick was born and raised in Scarborough and has extensive community contacts as a result of serving on the boards of many different local organizations, including the Scarborough town council.

O’Reilly’s CURE Restaurant & Bar is scheduled to open in October 2016 and it will serve as the neighborhood restaurant where locals can go for dining and catching up with their friends and family. Parents are always looking for a place to wait during their child’s practices and instead of going home only to turn right back around or running to the store for the 4th time that week, they can join others at O’Reilly’s CURE situated right in the heart of town.  It’ll be the place to watch football games, baseball games, basketball games, soccer matches plus any other event on TV.  O’Reilly’s CURE will offer a place for social gatherings before and after Scarborough school events such as games and concerts. People working in Scarborough can have lunch meetings or unwind after a long day at work. Tourists will have another option in Scarborough instead of going into Portland.  Scarborough needs a neighborhood restaurant in the center of town offering quality food and drink in a fun and relaxing atmosphere that provides an alternative to the pizza places.  O’Reilly’s CURE Restaurant & Bar will fill that void perfectly. It will be your Food, Drink & Social Remedy.